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Merchant Taylor School

Ian Robinson Sports Centre





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A new sports centre for Merchant Taylors' Schools Crosby, in Liverpool.

Merchant Taylors' Schools, Crosby is a prestigious boys’ school located in a suburban residential area of Liverpool. The Ian Robinson Sports Centre for the school, was designed to create an attractive building set within a sensitive context and landscape.

Built next to listed buildings on the Boys’ School site in the residential area of Crosby, Liverpool, the principle design considerations were to create a modern, dramatic and welcoming sports centre that all Merchant Taylor Schools could use; without detracting from the school's historical context.

The new facility contains a sports hall for multi-games use, (including badminton, hockey, cricket, football, tennis, netball, basketball and trampolining), a separate indoor climbing wall and a fitness gym. Also provided is a dance/drama studio for teaching dance and performing arts, sports teaching classrooms, changing for indoor and outdoor sports, and other support facilities.

The broken roof line is made up of a series of northlights which bring natural light and ventilation to the main sports hall. This is connected at first floor level to the open viewing gallery and central circulation spine, all of which are part of an environmental approach to bring fresh air and natural light into the sports spaces.

To allow for events and out of hours use, there is a large refreshments/multi-function room on the first floor with a terrace overlooking the School’s rugby and cricket pitches.

Project Gallery

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