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Lightroom King’s Cross

Digital Exhibition Space


King’s Cross, London




London Theatre Company

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An experiential, immersive digital exhibition space of tremendous scale.

After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent impact on the performing arts industry, combined with uncertainty as to when people may be able to gather together again within an auditorium, a decision was made to conceptualise an alternative use for the ongoing King Cross Venue project during the fit out phase, on behalf of the London Theatre Company. The result of this repurposing assignment is Lightroom.

Lightroom is a remarkable fully-projectable exhibition space, created through a joint-venture between 59 Productions and the London Theatre Company, to bring new experiences for audiences in London. An experiential, immersive digital exhibition space set within a huge void, this is a concept that has never been attempted before at this scale; a truly unique and complex project in terms of infrastructure, fit out and cost management. We have reprised the roles of Cost Management, Project Management and Contract Administration to help bring this transformational arts venue from concept to reality in the Coal Drops Yard at King’s Cross.

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