We provide a comprehensive collection of unique solutions and services which add value to both new build and restoration/refurbishment projects for our clients.

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From engagement, all the decisions we make are to ensure the project is commercially driven, delivered within budget to the quality standards we expect. We work to identify and address potential issues early on, and advise our clients on the best route to achieving the desired outcome with a value-driven approach; implementing best practices and pragmatic solutions designed with both budget and target in mind.

We take pride in our reputation for implementing intelligent solutions throughout the design and construction phases that deliver the highest level of value and efficiency to secure real return on investment. It is our belief that effective Cost Management is a critical factor in successful project delivery. We provide a proactive, innovation-led approach to cost management, driven by previous experiences and learnings, stakeholder collaboration and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Our role in construction risk management provides a comprehensive process of safeguarding the interests of our clients and ensuring any exposure to risk is swiftly mitigated. As part of our management process, we conduct a thorough assessment of project risk factors including site safety, scheduling, environment, litigation and finance.

The impact of these factors is mitigated with preparation and planning, requiring stakeholder collaboration and communication, enabling the creation of new solutions tailored to manage and alleviate risks before they become an issue.

Our experience in the dynamic UK market helps us to provide procurement strategies that balance the requirements of cost, quality and time. Our methodology utilises the latest market intelligence to offer advice to our clients on procurement routes that represent the best value for money, and the best opportunities for increased ROI.

We understand that the right procurement methodology is critical to the success of a project. Our experience in delivering complex procurement routes as an independent consultant enables us to consider and take ownership of every component of the construction procurement process, and analyse areas that could provide opportunities for saving.

As the Employer’s Agent, we are equipped to manage project delivery and ensure the contract terms are adhered to, as originally defined in a Design & Build setting. When a Design & Build contract is used, most standard forms of contract make provision for an Employer's Agent to administer the terms of the contract on behalf of the employer. It is our responsibility in this regard to prevent scope erosion, control the brief, maintain the programme and most importantly to ensure financial control throughout the project cycle.

Our teams feature fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyors and highly experienced project managers who strive to consistently provide a professional, effective, and personalised service.

Our Cost Planning services provide a value proposition founded upon specialised expertise throughout the project lifecycle. We focus on reducing risk and delivering positive outcomes in all sectors of the built environment.

We have the relevant experience in each sector to provide industry-specific advice and specialised expertise. To accomplish the project goals, we create strategic client teams with technical delivery, change management and risk management experience. Our integrated approach enables us to capture the requirements of our clients with value-driven, cost-efficient solutions and advice on the implications of client objectives.

We believe that successful project outcomes are driven by effective, innovation-led project management, within a collaborative environment. Ultimately, we are the guiding hand that keeps projects on track, driving efficiency and reducing risk for our clients. Our approach is fully integrated, consistent and co-ordinated, and is focused on time, programme, quality project, cost, change, design and Health & Safety management. We also offer expert advice and insight on funding and procurement.

We adapt and scale our flexible project management solutions to suit our client’s resources and requirements for the entire project lifecycle. Managing the design, contractor and consultant teams, we identify opportunities to achieve the best outcome, ensuring that our buildings are delivered and will operate with optimum efficiency.

Contract Administration has a crucial role to play in the quality of delivery on any project. We undertake this role to provide our clients a level of reassurance in knowing that any issues which may arise will be handled by a knowledgeable party, capable of making informed decisions and swift settlements. Our reputation as a Contract Administrator has been established over many years of providing attention to detail combined with honesty and integrity as we approach project delivery.

Some of our duties in the Contract Administration role involve assisting with the tender process, preparing contracts and ensuring all documents are signed and agreed prior to commencement, reviewing all documentation and claims, dispute resolution, authority applications and tracking progress of construction. We also monitor the building during the defects liability period to ensure that corrective actions are executed.

Our track record of development leadership across the project lifecycle has added commercial value and efficiency to numerous projects throughout our portfolio. We are equally adept at working from project inception alongside the design architect, or appraising existing proposals to unlock value and optimise the programme, considering the risks and opportunities for our clients.

Working closely alongside our clients and project stakeholders, we provide strategic development management solutions for lasting value. We stand ready to take the lead in projects across a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, mixed-use, healthcare, education and heritage at all stages, working with the prescribed goal of driving value and delivering quality.

We are forensic in terms of our approach to project auditing and due diligence, leaving no stone unturned as we conduct checks to understand every stage of the project. We provide our strategic advice from a commercial, legal and technical standpoint with the understanding that time, cost and quality are what drive project success. We provide impartial guidance on feasibility, procurement and programme, based on our due diligence and construction risk information.

We have gained a deep-rooted understanding of the commercial importance of due diligence and auditing. Our experts provide the tools to help manage risks and give assurances of successful project outcomes, offering direct, independent and fact-based advice to give the complete picture of all potential issues facing projects.

We know the extent to which MEP can impact the financials of projects across all sectors. It is therefore vital that any issues in the MEP design are identified at the earliest stage of a project, avoiding costly delays to the programme and making long-term savings for the client. We have a highly experienced team in this regard, with the knowledge and understanding of MEP conventions that provides huge benefit for our clients.

Our MEP cost advice covers all areas of cost management, with a comprehensive strategic approach to managing all costs related to building services. The complexity and diverse nature of engineering services creates the demand for adequate management and effective cost control. We ensure that despite these complexities and challenges, MEP delivery is always on time and within budget on our projects.

Our approach to Cost Modelling and Benchmarking targets the management of procurement performance, while simultaneously and robustly targeting improved bottom line impact. We work to enhance our client’s awareness of the costs and potential areas for savings within each parameter to enable informed decision-making and meaningful action.

By comparing proposed project costs with the industry standards, we can uncover a range of details that reveal unexpected or unnecessary expenses during the construction period. We consider the whole picture, and devise strategies to help our clients, enabling clarity on ROI and supporting the business case and implementation plan to complete the project within their expected budget and timeframe.

Over the course of our extended history, we have contributed to the delivery of iconic projects across the UK, helping to shape the vision of our clients and bringing fresh thinking and perspectives to enable successful outcomes. Our Programme Management expertise improves performance, efficiency and delivers on client objectives through effective project leadership during the programme of works.

We are resolute in our commitment to maintain clear and open communication channels, whilst simultaneously managing risk, time and cost to give a higher level of confidence and assurance to our clients as we deliver planned projects against projected budgets. Ensuring deadlines are met, actions are allocated and ascertaining awareness of roles and responsibilities are the driving factors in the success we continue to achieve in the Programme Management role.

Our approach to Engagement Management in the context of Project Management is a process that unifies stakeholder relations, project and quality management geared towards aiding the accomplishment of successful outcomes. This approach helps the contractor to work more effectively with the client to understand expectations, and work towards achieving the desired quality in terms of delivery.

Engagement Management effectively protects the client and unilaterally serves to enhance the Project Management team’s offering by deploying a set of management practices and processes to monitor and optimise the success of the overall project. Our process focuses on the explicit contractual obligations and the implicit client expectations, providing invaluable context to all project management processes.

We incorporate BIM on many of our projects, and are well-equipped to deliver our services, such as Cost Management, within a BIM environment. Our BIM specialists are capable of overseeing the entire production of the model, ensuring all of the objects are correctly tagged and formation of the model is as it should be, free of clashes, and well-coordinated.

Our long history of collaboration and our commitment to continual innovation means that we fit naturally into new ways of working, and the constantly evolving landscape of BIM and its associated software. We help our clients to unlock knowledge, share information, collaborate and add real value to the project through BIM – whether that means saving time, cost, or adding a new depth of quality to the finished product.

We view Supply Chain Management as a long-term relationship-building process with suppliers that have the same vested interest in their projects succeeding as we do. This culture of partnership is about focusing on mutual goals, such as consistently being able to deliver innovative sustainable solutions for our projects, delivering exceptional results for our clients, and managing down potential inefficiencies and risks.

Supply Chain Management is a critical component of the overarching Project Management discipline, and it relies upon open communication, organisation and most importantly the responsible sourcing of materials for the project at hand. We have redefined the way in which we engage, work with and drive sustainable performance from our supply chain, which is crucial to all projects, in particular the sensitive heritage developments we are involved in throughout the UK.

As the Clerk of Works, we provide independent assessments of the works undertaken, producing regular reports and maintaining an open dialogue with the design team, contractor and our client. Typically, we compile reports on all significant components of the project, from quality control to site progress and activities. We are able to offer invaluable insight and assessment of documentation, drawings and defects.

While our role as the Clerk of Works is flexible and adjustable to suit the needs of our client, we will always focus on items such as code compliance, work inspections, achieving a level of quality that meets the statutory contractual specifications, identifying and minimising problems and defective work. As an independent consultant, we can provide a unique perspective with a proactive approach to addressing any issues we have identified, with the overall objective of delivering a successful project that exceeds expectations.

Development Monitoring is one of our specialist services, tailored for clients who provide development finance, or have the intention to occupy a delivered property. Our purpose in this regard is to complete a risk assessment on the development throughout its procurement cycle to ensure our clients’ interests are best served and protected.

As a flexible, independent consultancy, we are able to tailor this service to meet the needs of our clients. We deliver technical due diligence and as the expert independent representative of the client throughout the development life cycle. Development Monitoring provides our clients with peace of mind and a broad understanding of the options available to mitigate risks and ultimately deliver the required outcomes of the project.

Learn more about our services by reaching out to one of our team who will be happy assist you.

Learn more about our services by reaching out to one of our team who will be happy assist you.

View our wide range of projects
View our wide range of projects

View our wide range of projects

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