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Battersea Arts Centre Grand Hall Restoration

Landmark Rehabilitation


Battersea, London



Procurement Route

Two Stage Traditional


Civic Trust AABC Conservation Award 2020
Wood Award 2019
Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award 2019

"You have always found creative ways to tackle frequent challenges. Your work on the Grand Hall Phase, rebuilding the back half of the building after a bad fire, was especially celebrated; working closely with our insurers and contractors to ensure Battersea Arts Centre was well supported."

David Jubb

Artistic Director & CEO

Restoring the Grand Hall to its former glory following a devastating fire.

The Grand Hall fire on Friday 13th March 2015 devastated the building, causing severe structural damage and destroying the tower. Parts of the hall were saved by firefighters, however major works were required to restore the Grand Hall and Lower Hall to their former glory. Having been heavily involved in the phased delivery of the overall transformation of Battersea Arts Centre for seven years previously, we were engaged to assist in resurrecting the Grand Hall Building.

The project comprised major façade restoration works, refurbishment of the Lower Hall, new MEP services infrastructure and technical and performance fit out of the theatre. The design and construction process became a labour of love, driven by a desire to see the building restored and equipped for the future.

In the immediate aftermath of the fire, emergency stabilisation works were required, including façade retention and internal propping of floors. A temporary roof design and construction swiftly followed to prevent further deterioration of the internal bones of the building due to extended exposure to the elements. During the process of restoration, we also played a key role in cost management, and acted as the client representative for Battersea Arts Centre, managing Loss Adjuster negotiations.

Project Gallery

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