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Eltham College

Turberville & Foxbury Medical and Wellbeing Buildings


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Eltham College

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New energy efficient architecture for a historic college.

In commemoration of Eltham College’s 100-year anniversary, the Turberville Building was built and named after Geoffrey Turberville, Headmaster at the college from 1930 to 1959. The building became the new home of Modern and Classical Languages and Mathematics, and also included a new Sixth Form Centre with study space, careers office and an onsite café.

The project also comprised the Foxbury Medical and Well-being Centre, a new building housing specialist treatment, counselling and rest rooms. The centre was named in recognition of the generous donation made to the college by the Old Elthamians Charitable Trust (OECT). The Turberville & Foxbury Medical and Well-Being Buildings replace previous temporary accommodation with world-class energy efficient architecture, linking the quad at the heart of the college both physically and visually with a glazed atrium overlooking the sports field on the west side of the campus.

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