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We are employed to deliver this residential led scheme on a constrained site in West London.

The project comprises the demolition of an existing sports centre and delivery of more than 60 private for sale and affordable units, including a number of private townhouses, a landscaped courtyard and a replacement sports hall for Westminster City Council.

Key tasks undertaken include the following;

- Early assessment and impact of Main contractor preliminaries based on site constraints (Oversailing for Phase 1, Mains Sewer running through the site and phasing of blocks).

- Assessment of apartment sizes and target sales values. This has led to a revised unit mix to maximise ROI.

- Review of building form against key residential metrics to reduce cost of shell core elements.

- Early production of fit out cost model to align sales values and aid Client Team in managing design aspirations.

- Early agreement with the full project team regarding the procurement strategy and client aspirations of a single stage D&B approach.

- Decoupling of demolition and main contract works to reduce overall construction costs and manage contractual risk.

- Early consideration of site abnormals and impact on the budget with the formulation of a risk mitigation plan to obtain cost certainty prior to tendering the works.

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