Jacksons Lane Theatre

Theatre Refurbishment


Highgate, London



Procurement Route

Single Stage Traditional

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020 7636 1036

Considered refurbishment project delivering significant value to increase revenue generation for this unique creative arts organisation.

Increasing auditorium seating capacity, improvements to accessibility and modifying the existing layout to become more flexible whilst enhancing studio rehearsal spaces was a key driver of the brief.

Re-planning of studios to prioritise quality and usability of space over floor area.
Improve acoustics by introducing lobbies and buffer spaces between studios and other areas.
Introduce dedicated storage.
Improve finishes for use as multi-purpose movement, drama and community use rooms.
Improve Accessibility and provide new café.
We are currently at Stage 4 design and expect to procure the building contract on budget

Project Gallery

Jackson lane theatre
Jackson lane
Jacksons Lane Studio 3

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