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Royal Hospital School

Multi-phased Refurbishment of Existing Boarding Houses





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The Royal Hospital School is a leading independent school in Suffolk, whose beautiful estate is modelled upon its original site which is now the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich; and houses many listed buildings.

A five-phased programme of redevelopment works for the Royal Hospital School`s ten boarding houses. Each house has been remodelled and new house master/mistress accommodation designed.

The existing H-shaped houses were extended, and internal courtyards enclosed to create a covered atrium with new brightly lit and welcoming living spaces for the students. All bedrooms and living accommodation were updated to reflect the profile of the individual house's boarders.

The design of the extended accommodation reinforces the regular pattern of the boarding houses and their prominent position, framing one of the key views of the school estate.

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6349 royal hospital school N18 wlandscape

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